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We are a manufacturer's representative firm. The manufacturers that we represent serve the computer, datacommunications and structured-wiring marketplace.

We have over 30 years experience, with backgrounds including large computer systems, manufacturing of cable assemblies, and the installation of telecom/datacom cabling.

Having a strong background in distribution sales, manufacturing of cable assemblies, and as a structure wiring contractor we are uniquely qualified to serve as the go-between for the manufacturers we represent and the distributors, resellers, and contractors, that buy their products. 

Here are some of our key areas:

     Datacom, coaxial cables, audio cables, multimedia cable, home wiring products

     Innovative, high quality LAN test and Real World Certification equipment

     Premium cable management products

     Push-pull rods for running cable in ceiling and walls

     Surface raceway for cable and wiring

     high quality RF Coax connectors, interseries adapters, and cable assemblies

     Affordable and attractive solutions for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential environments

     Manufacturer of fibre optic test equipment used worldwide to test fiber cable & transmission systems during fiber optic installation and maintenance

     Preparation, installation and hand termination tools for wire and cable

     One of the largest  suppliers of computer cable assemblies

     Velcro  cable management products

     Electronic & electrical test  equipment

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